13TH European Social Science History Conference

13TH European Social Science History Conference

The Oral History and Life Stories Network unites oral history and biography specialists and professionals who investigate memory, story and history.

In ongoing decades oral history has settled its place in and past scholarly world to the point, that it has been addressed if oral history has lost its extreme roots? Likewise, the ascent of the Internet and online networking requests that we think about our work as indicated by methodological inquiries and possibly new difficulties in that specific circumstance. Do the voiceless still need us to give them voice?

Extensively, we need to energize papers that investigate methodological inquiries and difficulties just as the connection between oral narratives and the development and examination of biographies, both as far as procedures and results. This, for instance, may incorporate the theoretical use and reuse of both oral narratives and biographies in research, and additionally contemplations of the techniques engaged with both. We would urge recommendations that endeavor to cross the oral history/life history partition (bringing the two research networks together).

Notwithstanding exemplary sessions comprising of individual papers, different sorts of introductions and sessions are additionally conceivable, for instance “Meet the Author”- sessions (in which a few specialists remark on an ongoing and vital book, after which the writer reacts), round table sessions (in which a few specialists talk about a similar subject as opposed to show explore results) or a film, presented by the creator or a specialist and a short time later examined with the group of onlookers.

If it’s not too much trouble take note of that our Network is frequently oversubscribed. If so for the Leiden 2020 gathering, the Network seats will choose in the principal case those digests that meet the subjects and criteria referenced in the call for papers. We will likewise just consider proposition that draw generously on oral history and additionally biography techniques (and are investigate based). We will likewise organize papers that are of high caliber, as well as creative in contention or technique.

The due date for the required pre-enrollment of a paper or session proposition at the ESSHC-site is 15 April 2019.

While we welcome recommendations for boards these must be global in enrollment (and from various establishments), and every one of their constituent papers must be of a high caliber. The superseding paradigm for choice is quality of papers; if a proposed board isn’t sufficient en alliance, the coordinators will think about the benefits of papers separately.

Our Network does not support discussants; if a board proposition incorporates a discussant it ought to demonstrate why they wish to pursue this organization (and that on the off chance that they do, the board must involve a limit of four speakers in addition to a discussant). Sessions can have a limit of five papers.

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