Call for papers – The International Oral History 2017 Conference

The International Oral History 2017 in Australia is inviting proposals for the next biennial 2017 Oral History of Australia conference.

Moving memories, is the title and main theme, it refers to memories generated across space and time, both local and national, as well as cross-cultural and international. It also refers to memories which have an emotional impact on listeners: remembering which move us to laughter or tears. This approach is designed to stimulate dialogue: it will not be an appropriate forum to share short papers or read extensive prepared written material.

Proposals for 20-minute papers that critically engage with the conference topics.

Proposals for roundtables featuring two to five speakers that explore and engage with conference topics. Roundtables are organised discussions around a particular topic, chaired by a moderator. The theme draws on some of the new directions in oral history that address: the impact of migration and asylum-seeking around the world; as well as the exchange between narrator and listener that is ‘memory work’, or the emotional labour that is involved in memory practices such as oral history.

All submissions will be welcome, but proposals on some of the following topics will assist in creating
a coherent conference:

  • Contested memories across cultures in local communities
  • Place and belonging
  • Oral history as witnessing
  • Movement across and within borders
  • Migration

Proposals for 5-minute lightning talks. You are encouraged critically engage with one idea that relates to a conference topic, and use this opportunity to share ideas about opportunities, challenges, methodology and more in a dynamic and engaging way. Please note these talks must go beyond a ‘show and tell’ approach.

Call for abstracts closing date extension, now due 28 February 2017.

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