Seminar Audio Recording – Feminist oral sport history by Dr Tanya Evans

iohanet – Dr Tanya Evans is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Modern History at Macquarie University.

Dr Evans’ last book Swimming with the Spit, 100 years of the Spit Amateur Swimming Club was a group history written to energize perusers and swimmers, youthful and old, to consider their saunters down to the shoreline, their fortifying swims and invigorating evening plunges on sultry Sydney-summer days and fresh winter mornings, with an eye on their history. Enthusiasm for a game in the present can dominate its intriguing past.

Department of Modern History at Macquarie University.

This discussion uncovers how women’s activist oral histories of the Spit Club’s female swimming champions were utilized to follow the routes in which swimming and its chronicled implications have changed for ladies in twentieth-century Australia. It uncovers the absence of social contents nearby female swimming stars could call upon to portray their biographies and donning achievement, the diverse routes in which they need their lives recalled and how students of history may approach the unpredictable development of these histories when composing open history and endeavoring to share specialist all the while.

Tanya Evans Audio Presentation Tanya Evans Audio Presentation (7.49 MB)

Difficult recollections: talking with survivors of injury – Oral History NSW class, December 3, 2016.

Our comprehension of the historical backdrop of debacles, wars and scourges can be incredibly upgraded by tuning in to the recollections of survivors. But then, reviewing and recording recollections of horrible encounters can be trying for both interviewee and questioner. In this workshop, we investigated the act of talking survivors of injury.

Our board shared stories from their examination and considered the difficulties included when interviews investigate excruciating recollections.

Dr Christine Eriksen discussed vicarious trauma and self-care for interviewers undertaking research with survivors of trauma:
Dr Christine Eriksen Audio Presentation Dr Christine Eriksen Audio Presentation (8.31 MB) – 18’09”
Click here to read more about Christine’s work and for a list of her publications.

‘Making digital history’ – OH NSW seminar March 12, 2016

Presenter 1: HAMISH SEWELL (writer, oral historian/radio producer and founder of the Soundtrails app). Listen  here and also (for a great final anecdote)  here

Presenter 2: BRONWYN MURPHY (sound recordist/editor and coordinator of the National Film and Sound Archive Oral History Program). Listen  here

Alison Wishart discussed her experiences conducting interviews with Australian armed services personnel on deployment in Afghanistan:

Alison Wishart Audio Presentation Alison Wishart Audio Presentation (9.00 MB) – 22’28”
Click here to see Alison’s blog.

Unfortunately, due to a technical error, the audio of Robert Reynolds‘ talk at this seminar is unavailable.
Click here to see details of Robert’s work.

‘Oral History in Conversation: Across communities and contexts’
OH NSW / RAHS seminar August 27, 2016

In a panel discussion hosted by Dr Scott McKinnon, three oral historians discussed their use of oral history across a range of communities and institutional contexts.

  • Robyn Swanson talked about how The Sacred Heart Community Palliative Care Biography Service offers the opportunity for people reaching the end of their lives to record their memories.
  • Jacqui Wasilewsky talked about how Sydney Jewish Museums’ “community stories” project uses oral history to assist members of the Jewish community to record their life histories.
  • Dr Fabri Blacklock talked about how City of Sydney Council’s Barani project has collected stories from local indigenous communities.

Listen to part 1 Listen to part 1 (8.40 MB) – 36’42”
Listen to part 2 Listen to part 2 (7.76 MB) – 33’54”



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