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iohanetDr. Fuller’s Background: I am an Associate Professor of History in the Department of History at Georgia State University. I hold a PhD in International History from the London School of Economics (LSE).

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All through my profession, I have directed research, given welcomed addresses and introduced meeting papers in Africa, Europe, North and South America, and the Caribbean. My multidisciplinary research and showing ability incorporate the socio-political, social and financial history of West Africa (Ghana specifically), and the African Diaspora in the Americas, from the early current time frame to the present. My grant is especially worried about the historical backdrop of resistance against bondage and expansionism (especially through Marronage), and also hostile to provincial patriotism, trans-patriotism, emblematic patriotism, and the development and contestation of national and ethno-national character in the Africana World.

Finished in 2015, my 1-hour narrative, Queen Nanny: Legendary Maroon Chieftainess

My ebb and flow examine try is a noteworthy worldwide, interdisciplinary, shared and multifaceted endeavor that investigates the ethnogeneses, histories, societies, characters, encounters and present-day substances of Maroon countries in the Americas. Starting with the history and contemporary flow of the Jamaican Maroons, this examination venture incorporates the distribution of books, diary articles, the generation of narrative movies, sound accounts, advanced humanities substance, web and web-based social networking material, and new courses. The joining of oral history is a basic part of these tasks, which is obvious in the accompanying narrative film and recorded collection extends that I delivered.

Harcourt Fuller’s jamaican granny nanny

Cross examines the history and heritage of this eighteenth century Akan pioneer of the Jamaican Maroons. The narrative was taped in Ghana, Jamaica, Canada and the United States, and screened at instructive, administrative, social and group associations around the world. In 2016, the UN Department of Public Information held a progression of Special World Screenings of Queen Nanny in a few nations, as a major aspect of its Remember Slavery Program’s “Ladies and Slavery” subject. Ruler Nanny likewise won Best Documentary at the 2016 Newark International Film Festival, a Spirit Award at the 2016 Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival, and was assigned for an Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) respect at the 2016 Pan African Film Festival.

Granny Nanny Come Oh: Jamaican Maroon Kromanti and Kumina Music and Other Oral Traditions (2016) is a twofold CD recorded by the Moore Town Granny Nanny Cultural Group. They finished a 3-month voyage through the United States in 2016. The collection highlights 31 tracks of live studio accounts of conventional Jamaican Maroon and Bongo-Kumina melodies, drumming and different instrumentals, oral history, an Anansi story, African dialect maintenances (counting Twi and Kikongo), and other verbal expressions.

The collection additionally includes a 40-page shading booklet with photos and data about Maroon history and music, notwithstanding verses translations and the verifiable foundation of the tracks. The Maroon Kromanti music and move conventions of Moore Town are recorded on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Moore Town is likewise part of the Blue and John Crow Mountains UNESCO World Heritage Site in Jamaica.

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The album has been reviewed by several scholars. Kenneth Bilby, author of True-Born Maroons and compiler of the Smithsonian/Folkways CD, Drums of Defiance: Music of the Maroons of Jamaica, notes:

On this very special album we hear how the younger generation of Moore Town Maroons, in conversation with their elders, are bringing new life to the unique Maroon musical traditions handed down from their foreparents. Drawing on two of the most African of Jamaica’s traditional music’s, Kromanti and Kumina, these direct descendants of the great leader and Jamaican National Hero, Nanny, show that her spirit remains very much alive among them.

The album is available as a CD or digital download on popular online music outlets such as Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby – http://www.iohanet.org/category/conferences/

Besides my academic career, I enjoy travelling to various places in the United States, as well as sojourning to countries that I have never been to before. Places where nature abounds are among my favorite, as they allow for the rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit, which is essential for all facets of one’s life. For more information about my research and other activities, my website is http://www.iohanet.org/

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