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Internation Oral History Conference 2018 Scholarship Events

For each international conference the IOHA is able to provide small grants for a limited number of participants. The IOHA Conference/Master Class Scholarship Fund aims to bring together international oral history scholars from inside and outside the academic realm, to continue building a unique global platform for professional exchange and comparative oral history inquiry.

Scholarship application deadline: December 30th 2017

Consideration will be given only to those whose proposals for inclusion in the conference program have been accepted. Submission for conference paper proposals is due by August 31, 2017.

The IOHA Scholarship Committee will send out notification letters to all applicants
whose application has reached us before the deadline by December 30th 2017. In order to receive an award, those selected must submit their final abstracts and papers by the published deadline and present their papers in person at the conference in Jyväskylä.

The deadline for receipt of the final paper is February 28th 2018. The final confirmation of IOHA Scholarship Award will depend on the submission of your paper. Any offer we make will be withdrawn if you do not submit your final paper.

Early submission of final paper is strongly advised, as this may prove helpful as you try to secure your visa. Applications for a visa should generally be submitted at least five months in advance of your planned date of travel.

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Criteria for Scholarship Award:

Only applicants who have submitted and had their paper proposal accepted for
presentation will be considered for scholarship. We support scholars whose research and professional interests demonstrate a good record of oral history work, whose paper proposal shows strong relevance to oral history, who are able to show how their
international exchange will benefit oral history in their region or subject-area, and who successfully establish strong financial need.

The following priorities are considered in determining scholarship awards (in at random order):

  1. Applicants from developing and economically-poorer nations
  2. Applicants from geographical areas under-represented in IOHA
  3. Independent scholars from developed nations with proven financial need
  4. Promising new and younger scholars
  5. Those who have never attended any IOHA Conference
  6. Those who have not traveled to any international or out-of-country conference in the last three years
  7. Those who did not receive a scholarship for the last IOHA meeting (in Barcelona, 2014).

Please know that funds are limited. We may not be able to support all scholars who fulfill the qualifications listed above. We will, however, make every attempt to support qualified applicants


Briefly describe your topic. Explain the relevance of your presentation to larger research on the topic, to the field of oral history, and to your overall work. Please indicate your experience working with oral history. How do you think your work and activities may advance oral history or benefit other oral historians in your region or subject area? [200-400 words]

II. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL NEED: Please provide the following information

  • A proposed budget for participation in the conference. Give a realistic and specific itemization of your exact needs and what the requested support is intended to cover.
  • An explanation of why you must have assistance in order to participate in the
  • Indicate other funding sources you have approached or applied for or intend to request. Include results and responses.


(such as the centrality of your paper to a particular panel, or that your paper is part of a team project, etc.).

International Oral History and Emotions – Call for Papers

IV. VISA: Please provide the cut-off date by which your visa application must be filed.

Please note that most travelers from outside India must obtain a visa to enter India.
SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS MUST PLAN TO FILE THEIR VISA APPLICATIONS AT LEAST FIVE MONTHS IN ADVANCE OF THE CONFERENCE. Please go to the Indian Embassy website in your country to read important up-to-date visa information.


  1. A short curriculum vitae [not to exceed two pages].
  2. A copy of your paper proposal
  3. Two letters of reference from colleagues or mentors familiar with your work.
Referee letters should address:
  • The significance and /or promise and relevance of your scholarship to oral history and across the disciplines, and
  • Your need for financial assistance. It is your responsibility to ensure that your referees send or email their recommendations directly to the Scholarship Committee.

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