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We are profoundly disheartened to educate you that Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP) building was extremely harmed by the 25 April 2015 seismic tremor. Specialists have informed quick departure and disassembling with respect to the working to counteract additionally harm to the accumulations and danger to human lives. Along these lines, we have had no real option except to suspend every one of our administrations until facilitate plan.

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Built up in 1955 as a non-benefit making establishment, MPP is the biggest vault of Nepali-dialect materials on the planet and has been home to more than 35,000 books, 50,000 uncommon photos, 15,000 ephemera, more than 1,0000 original copies and additionally sound and audiovisuals identified with Nepal. MPP has been working as the important chronicle for comprehension the nineteenth and twentieth century Nepal.

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Our quick action even as the delayed repercussions proceed has been to clear the wrecked building and put materials is sheltered capacity before the beginning of the Monsoon, which regularly occurs by third seven day stretch of May. This will be trailed by pulverizing of the structure. From there on, we need to desperately assemble a feasible brief structure to do MPP’s exercises including, promotions, recorded work, reference arrangement, stack access and research.

World Support Nepal

Our arrangement accordingly is to set up this structure at the place of the old working by first July 2015. This building will be the kind that gives MPP and its stacks with all-climate protect, and furthermore give us several years to design and raise support for the new building. The long haul objective, in this way, is to outline and construct our changeless long haul structure, which will be ‘condition of workmanship’ and support a multi-confronted, dynamic recorded foundation to do equity to the general population and history of Nepal and the Himalaya.


The assessed cost for the brief structure to house the MPP for a most extreme of three years is NPR 50 lakh (USD 50,000).

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While chronicles and libraries are the attendants of recorded recollections and the establishment of any general public, it is additionally genuine that filing group is one of the slightest organized and financed groups anyplace. In this season of emergency there is no other gathering which can comprehend our circumstance superior to our own organization of bookkeepers, filers and scientists. Along these lines, we ask for you to generously help spread the news on the circumstance at MPP and contribute in the courses conceivable to raise the measure of USD 50,000.

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